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Scraps of St Louis

March 7
I can remember the hysteria I tried to suppress inside my chest, like an overstuffed suitcase you have to get your friend to sit on so you can zip it shut, or a sandwich that threatens to spill out all its contents.
It’s never easy to pack up and leave for a new beginning, especially if you can’t bring some of your favorite things (fiancĂ©, best friends, monsoon rain fragrances) along for the extended trip. But despite the bouts of loneliness and the sneaky panic that would shoot up throughout my body at random moments in the first few weeks in St Louis, I think I was pretty determined to make the most of it.
I always have a special place in my heart for cities. Like an earnest young professional, I have the highest expectations from a new place. I do my research, start specialized bucket lists and slowly and determinedly, fall in love with the quirks that make each city unique.
I like St Louis because it doesn’t put on many pretenses. It has its problems – racism, high crime rat…